Tarık Tuncay was born in 1977 in Elazığ. He completed his primary and secondary education in Turkey and the Netherlands. He graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Social Work in 2000. He joined the faculty in the same year. He completed his masters and PhD education at the Department of Social Work.


After PhD education, he worked as researcher and/or trainer in universities and research centers in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. In 2012, he received his associate professor degree, and full professor degree in 2018.  He is currently working as a faculty member at Hacettepe University Department of Social Work. He works in the fields of health, family welfare and social work management of social work profession and discipline. He also conducts various research on the quality of social work education. He completed more than fifty book chapters, more than a hundred papers, review articles, and research. He worked as an academic advisor of more than twenty masters and doctorate level dissertations. He is a reviewer of many international scientific journals. He is also the editor-in-chief of the journal Social Work Magazine. 

In his master of social work dissertation, He examined both psychosocial effects of the disaster and professional interventions of disaster social workers in the case of 1999 Marmara-Düzce Earthquakes. He continues to study in disaster, trauma, and crisis intervention issues. He also conducts research and practices related to examining psychosocial needs and increasing social functioning of military veterans.


In his PhD dissertation, He studied in the field of psychosocial-oncology. He performed his research based on in-depth interviews with young patients with cancer. He adapted an empowering “biopsychosociospiritual” social work intervention model for cancer patients by analyzing illness narratives of the patients and survivors. Specifically, he conducts studies on psychosocial aspects and ways to reduce the stigma towards mental and chronic illnesses (and problems) among groups in low socio-economic status, and on developing, and implementing interventions to improve the psychosocial and spiritual functioning of under-served populations with serious mental or chronic illnesses.  He is particularly involved in the development of illness support groups.


Following his PhD, he worked on child and family problems, family life education and family counseling areas. He studies on factors affecting family resilience and psychosocial interventions for families and children under protection. He carries out training and supervision activities related to family and marriage counseling in undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. He is a researcher and consultant on the development of social care services and social policy implementations for vulnerable groups. His research integrates theoretical principles and multiple methodologies across social work, psychology, and social epidemiology to investigate relationships between health and well-being.


  • His academic activities and publications include:

  • 1. Disaster, trauma and crisis intervention

  • 2. Psychosocial interventions in chronic diseases

  • 3. Family counseling and child–family welfare

  • 4. Social welfare services management and social policy

  • 5. Social work education



Hacettepe University School of Social Work (1996-2000)


Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Social Work (2000-2003)


Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Social Work (2003-2009)


Council of Higher Ed. & Hacettepe Unv (2012 - 2018)


Hacettepe Unv (2018)

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